“Vivian and the Dust”

VIVIAN and the DUST, a “Borgus” related tale, was featured serial in the July-August 2010 Aphelion.
This 15,000 word novella, Vivian and the Dust, SOON TO BE AVAILABLE AS AN EBOOK,  is about a related character from Space Station Lennier in 2152. Rosa, the nurse, returns for a cameo role as well.

Vivian, a young trainee addicted to snorting mind-altering dust, is arrested for smuggling a rare ore from Titan’s North Pole. The station doctor intervenes to help with her cure, but she soon learns that all her troubles lead to the station morgue where the hidden corpse of his lover appears to be regenerating.

And get this: There’s a paranormal element in the story about a mist like presence that arises from a semi organic lake on Saturn’s moon Titan- and wouldn’t you know – there’s a coincidental article in the July 26, 2010 NY Times Science Section about growing and receding methane lakes now detected on Titan. So we’re onto something here.

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