Today’s Blog: The Passing of Mr. Bradbury

As most of my science fiction is drawn upon speculative solar system space travel (say that three times fast!) , I owe a big debt of influence-gratitude to Mr. B, especially for his Martian Chronicles. Rather than burden himself with getting all of the “science” right in these stories, he concentrated more on the human element, of how settling on another planet, away from home, might change how we relate to each other and life itself.
But one of my chief writing mentors and coaches, Mike Sirota, puts it even better and more comprehensively on his blog.

THE PHOTO HERE is from THE WASHINGTON POST, and the article where I found it is by Damien Murphy, also worth checking out: .  Murphy says: Bradbury infused his books with the ethos of small-town America of his childhood.

And then, from Bill Nye of  the Planetary Society:

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