What is Speculative Fiction?

A story that has either  supernatural,  mythical,  magical,  otherworldly, or future technological elements beyond what we’d normally see in everyday life.  That includes taking place on another world or at at future time. Did I cover it all? Or I like this term:  hard-science space opera. Most of what you’ll see here for now is hard science fiction, stories from a near future time when we’re exploring the solar system and find traces of life, and links to articles that may support some of the scientific speculation therein.

Three of my works have a common group of characters related to an engineer named BORGUS who resides on a Titan space station 150 years from now.

STORIES YOU CAN Preview NOW:   The Dolphin of Europa [ soon to be an E BOOK with a custom artwork cover] , Vivian and the Dust, Squatters, Lovers Under the Green Sky- all linked below.

IN THE WINGS:  novel:  BORGUS and the DUKE (hard science fiction and linked to The Dolphin and Vivian),   BACKWARDS DAY: an offbeat paranormal novel of present day NYC, in which the souls of a straight building contractor and a gay interior designer fight for control of the same body.

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