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-since I like to write about Titan: Watching the slow shift of seasons on Titan Posted By Emily Lakdawalla : CLICK ON TITLE to see FULL ARTICLE Topics: pretty pictures, explaining image processing, global views, amateur image processing, Saturn’s moons, Titan, Cassini, weather and climate Gordan Ugarkovic was playing in the Cassini data archives when […]

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THE CURE FOR superstorm SANDY BLUES: Name that Asteriod

Home » Get Involved » Contests » OSIRIS-REx Name That Asteroid! NASA / Goddard / University of Arizona OSIRIS-REx is going to fly to an asteroid and bring back some pieces. Right now, the asteroid’s name is 1999 RQ36, but we think students can do better!  The Planetary Society, MIT’s Lincoln Laboratory, and the University of Arizona are asking students around the […]

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