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The Dolphin of Europa by Ken Kraus is now on Amazon

In 2152, beneath the frozen crust of Jupiter’s moon Europa, a ten-year-old boy is trapped within a remote weather station, the supposed lone survivor of a deadly moon-quake. Reluctant and claustrophobic, rookie nurse Rosa Alvaro ventures from the safety of Europa’s Helix City Hospital on the rescue mission headed by the station commander, the child’s […]

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Borgus and the Duke by Ken Kraus

[Spring 2010] My recently completed novel, Borgus and the Duke, set in 2156 brings together elements of science fiction and the American Old West. In Borgus and the Duke, a retired crippled engineer struggles to save his Saturn space station from a vengeful ex-apprentice by melding with an experimental robot and forging a partnership with the ghost […]

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