Backwards Day

NOVEL TITLE: Backwards Day         GENRE:  Contemporary paranormal     


 STORY SYNOPSIS: Scott Damon, family man and general contractor to NYC’s wealthy, is deeply in debt over a real estate investment that crashed along with the economy.  Hannah Gordon, his upscale client with design aspirations and a talent for channeling, offers Scott the 40K bailout to save his home and restore the confidence of his angry wife, provided he’ll allow the soul of her late mentor, a gay designer, to share his body and thus coach her through her exhibit’s opening at a prestigious Show Case. Alive with a part-time hunky body again, the flamboyant Pierre Nalan has designs of his own to extend his occupancy beyond the agreed upon five days. Even when Scott is ‘awake’, the hibernating designer’s soul causes Scott’s world to appear backwards, as though seen in a disorienting mirror. The possession deepens, taking the unanticipated form of a Jekyll and Hyde alternate dominance. Scott soon learns that the charming Pierre has won over his wife as a new best buddy, threatened his job, and rekindled the flame with his ex lover, who is also Mrs. Gordon’s chief rival in the Design Show. As Pierre splits Scott’s world-and literally his sexuality- apart, Scott resolves to endure the few days until the show’s opening, to earn the desperately needed income. But even as he recruits allies in his co-foreman and exotic girlfriend, Pierre falls in with darker strangers who plot to evict, then steal Scott’s spirit altogether. In a twist where Scott finds himself the guest spirit in another’s body, and a woman’s at that, he has barely a day to find the means to retrieve his own, before Pierre escapes with his identity and life altogether.