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Field Report From Mars: Sol 3431 – September 18, 2013 (reprint from the Planetary Society site) Posted by Larry Crumpler  FROM PLANETARY.ORG 2013/09/18 11:27 CDT Topics: mission status, Mars, Mars Exploration Rovers, Opportunity • Opportunity “wades ashore” at Solander Point on September 13 • Climbing Solander Point is imminent • Spectacular Navcam panorama of the […]

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A new twist on bidding to save Mankind

Astronauts auction own artifacts to ‘save the world’ from asteroids FROM Robert Z. Pearlman, B612 Foundation An artist’s Illustration of the B612 Foundation’s Sentinel mission, which will search for potentially dangerous near-Earth asteroids. Two astronauts are now auctioning their personal space artifacts in a bid to help protect the Earth from asteroids. Apollo 9 […]

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OR: current media relates in theme to my “Dolphin” book    Europa Report Trailer,  By Jove ! Reposted From the Article By Phil Plait,   of BAD ASTRONOMY Posted Tuesday, May 21, 2013, at 11:59 AM This summer, a different kind of science fiction movie, Europa Report, is coming out. I saw some buzz about […]

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What is Speculative Fiction?

A story that has either  supernatural,  mythical,  magical,  otherworldly, or future technological elements beyond what we’d normally see in everyday life.  That includes taking place on another world or at at future time. Did I cover it all? Or I like this term:  hard-science space opera. Most of what you’ll see here for now is hard […]

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