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The SETI project: are we alone?

     from the Planetary Society site: At the core of our explorations is the quest to know if life exists beyond Earth. The Planetary Society is a leader in the search for life on other worlds, whether intelligent or microbial. Our active projects: SETI Optical Telescope – Looking for laser signals beamed across the […]

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OR: current media relates in theme to my “Dolphin” book    Europa Report Trailer,  By Jove ! Reposted From the Article By Phil Plait,   of BAD ASTRONOMY Posted Tuesday, May 21, 2013, at 11:59 AM This summer, a different kind of science fiction movie, Europa Report, is coming out. I saw some buzz about […]

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Borgus and the Duke by Ken Kraus

[Spring 2010] My recently completed novel, Borgus and the Duke, set in 2156 brings together elements of science fiction and the American Old West. In Borgus and the Duke, a retired crippled engineer struggles to save his Saturn space station from a vengeful ex-apprentice by melding with an experimental robot and forging a partnership with the ghost […]

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Jupiter’s Moon Europa has Salty Ocean Bubbling to Surface, Scientists Say

From       : Science World Report [ Another real life article relating to DOLPHIN of EUROPA theme!] First Posted: Mar 07, 2013 02:02 PM EST (Photo : NASA/JPL/Ted Stryk) Europa: as the human eye might see it Underground oceans on Jupiter’s icy moon, Europa, is bubbling to the surface and it’s also […]

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