The Real Europa

prospect of life on Jupiter’s moon Europa 29 JUNE 2011 7,527 VIEWS ONE COMMENT BY VIEWSINLINE Europa is the sixth closest moon of the planet Jupiter, and the smallest of its four Galilean satellites, but still one of the largest bodies in the Solar system. Slightly smaller than Earth’s Moon, Europa is primarily made of silicate […]

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“Squatters,”  appears in Aphelion Webzine. JC is a boy surviving the urban jungle, considering a life of drug pushing as sponsored by his Rastafarian cousin Skip. But his first “deal” goes way bad when his contact turns out to be harboring a gang of unearthly beings who are preying upon the souls of the locals, […]

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“Lovers Under the Green Sky”

My “Lovers Under the Green Sky” is in Planetary Stories, complete with custom illustrations!  Almost like having your very own Ken Kraus adult “graphic novelette.” Planetary explorer Herschel Rexrode suspects his rocky marriage is about over. But, when his cheating wife Anna is ambushed returns profoundly changed, he faces a new problem. The “old” Anna, […]

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