Vivian and the Dust

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Vivian and the Dust by Ken KrausOn a space station orbiting Saturn’s moon Titan in 2152, Vivian Vargas is a young engineering trainee, given to snorting mind-altering dust to relieve the loneliness of being a social outcast among the crew. When she’s framed for smuggling a rare ore during her recent expedition to the moon’s North Pole, the station doctor intervenes to facilitate her cure, arguing that her drug addiction has turned her criminal.

But visible only to Vivian, a strange sentient mist from an organic lake on Titan seems to have followed her back on board. It wants to warn to her that the doctor may be inducing her medical condition for his own purposes. She discovers that the station morgue houses the hidden corpse of the doctor’s deceased lover Jessica, who appears to be regenerating. Vivian’s blood, tissue and brain waves may be the needed fuel for bringing the dead Jessica back to life. But with the nano- imprint of Vivian’s own brain signature, who would the reanimated woman actually be?

With Cover Art and Illustrations by Titus Lunter.